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Distilled Rose Water

100% Pure&Natural

Ghormeh Sabzi in Tin

Ingredients: Chives,Coriander,Parsley,Fenugreek,Vegetable Oil,Salt,Verjuice,Kine

Ancient Persia

By: Josef Wiesehofer

1&1 Strawberry Jam

Ingredients: Strawberry,Sugar,Rose Water,Citric Acid.

Payambaran Kherad-پيامبران خرد

By: Shahriyar Shirazi - Be Kooshesh Hooshang Moeinzadeh

About Superhormuz

Based in North London and experienced in the import, packaging & reselling of Iranian food products, is set up to serve the Iranian community who would need to commute considerably to buy the odd box of "GAZ" or "Lavashak"!

Book Reviews

Good book to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good education about the Persian Empire. This book is highly recommended.
Tony Antoniou